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Student Education Programs

This page contains a list of countries and territories with student education programs. Use the links to the right to view programs, descriptions, and contact infomration by country.

Countries and Territories with Student Education Programs
Student education programs perform the critical function of educating students to serve persons with communication disorders.  At least 51 nations and territories have post-secondary school programs that educate students in speech-language pathology or audiology, including those listed on the right.

Educaton programs are found primarily in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and parts of Asia and the Middle East.  A single country in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, has such a program.   As of this writing (2006), the newest training programs are in Kuwait and Bangladesh.  In countries without training programs, communication services may not exist or may be provided by volunteers or members of another discipline, including nursing, psychology, or education.  In such countries, training about communication disorders may be non-existent or consist of a single course or seminar lasting from a few hours to several weeks.

In total, at least 672 student training programs exist worldwide.  Within countries and territories with training programs, the number of programs available to a student varies tremendously.  The United States has nearly 300 programs, and Brazil has nearly 100 programs.  Few programs exist in a country as vast as China, and over twenty are found in India, an almost equally populous country. 


List of Programs: