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Statement of Purpose

The International Directory of Communication Disorders (IDCD) is a compilation of Internet resources focusing on communication disorders, including national associations; international associations and groups; education programs; study, volunteer, and employment opportunities; and health and travel. The IDCD also contains personal accounts of international experiences of persons in the profession, sample Code of Ethics, and examples of volunteering and employment opportunities.

The purpose of the IDCD is to facilitate international connections between professionals in speech-language pathology and audiology. The IDCD is a free resource for persons in the professions. Individuals and associations are welcome to use any or all parts of it. The following requests are made of those who use the IDCD: (1) acknowledge the IDCD as a source of information, and (2) let the author know on some periodic basis when information from the IDCD is updated. Request (2) is made so that the IDCD can be continuously revised, corrected, and improved.

While many websites attempt to be “the final word” on a topic, the hope of this one is to open a discussion. The present directory reflects the perspective of an English-speaking American speech-language pathologist. The hope is that the IDCD will grow and evolve over time, providing more information and differing perspectives to better reflect the robust diversity in our dynamic professions.

Ken Bleile, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
June 6th, 2006