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Favorite Internet Places

If you’re looking for a quick world tour of communication disorders around the world, the following is the author’s very opinionated suggestions of where to begin:

Asia Pacific Society for the Study of Speech, Language and Hearing

As of this writing (2006), the newest website in communication disorders.  The focus of the Asia Pacific Society is the AsiaPacific Rim, a vast region containing equally vast disparities in health care and education.   An organization focusing on this area is a welcome addition to the speech-language pathology and audiology communities.


Conselho Regional de Fonoaudiologia
A very complete website focusing on Brazil, the country with the world’s second largest number of professional training programs in communication disorders.


Caroline Bowen’s Website

A wonderful international site; the listserv is the best place on the Internet to discuss phonological disorders from an international perspective.  Caroline Bowen manages the site with great care, intelligence, and grace, and what she has achieved with the site is a model for how much good a single person can accomplish.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
If you’re planning on traveling internationally, especially in areas where health risks exist, this is the site to visit.


Comité Permanent de Liaison des Orthophonistes / Logopedes de l'Union Européenne (CPLOL)
Speech and Language Therapy in European countries

The best resource for information on the professions in Europe


Communication Therapy International (CTI)

UK’s strongest advocates of international work in communication disorders. 


Humanitarian Audiology

Website of audiologists, mostly American based, dedicated to improving the care of hearing disorders worldwide.


Indo-International Society of Communication and Hearing Sciences

A great site, filled with useful information about the professions in India.  A new feature of the site is an electronic journal.


International Affairs Association (IAA)

This is the site of the IAA, the dedicated, hard working audiologists and speech-language pathologists who for many years have carried the banner of internationalism within ASHA.


The International Association of Logopedics (IALP)

Website of the oldest international association focusing on communication disorders


Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing (MASH)

A great place to find out what’s going on in Malaysia, a country with an extremely dedicated community of speech-language pathologists and audiologists


New Zealand
New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists Association (NZSTA)


A well-organized, user-friendly site that offers an excellent perspective on the professions in New Zealand


Speech Language Hearing Association, Singapore (SHAS)

Singapore has a small professional association, but makes up for smallness of numbers with extra energy and intelligence.  The website is an excellent place to learn more about the professions in an exciting part of the world. 


South Africa

South African Speech Language Hearing Association (SASLHA)

The best-established professional association in sub-Saharan Africa; increasingly, South Africa is where African students go for training in communication disorders.  If the field of communication disorders has a hub in sub-Saharan Africa, it lies in South Africa.


United States
AmericanAcademy of Audiology (AAA)

An excellent website with lots of good information about audiology from an international perspective.


American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association

The world’s largest national association of communication disorders; excellent resources on the professions in the United States and strong sections on international topics


U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

This website contains brief, very useful profiles of individual countries.

World Health Organization


Website of the premiere international health care organization; not always easy to navigate, but the information it contains is worth the time and effort.