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Health and Travel Guides

Names of health and travel guides

Health and travel aides are invaluable when seeking an international experience in communication disorders.  The list of resources is divided into three sections, depending on the guide’s scope:  the entire world, a region, or a specific country or territory with either a student education program or a national association.

World Addresses

A to Z Tourism

In Their Own Words:
We provide listings of cheap flights, low cost car rental, hotels, last minute cruises, Skiing Holidays, bargain vacation packages, time share, and adventure holidays to help you plan your holiday. Our entertainment section includes Restaurants, Sports, Theatres, Nightclubs, Pubs and bars to keep you happy on your travels. Our extensive 'Travel Tips' section includes World Cuisine, Local Laws, Etiquette, Survival Techniques. The Tourism section contains Shops, Galleries, Historic Buildings, Places of Worship to help you explore your holiday destination, and much, much more in 524 major cities worldwide and still growing.


Speech Pathology Master's Programs

In Their Own Words:
The right online speech pathology graduate degree is different for everyone- it depends on your schedule, where you wish to practice, where you live, and how you learn best. To make the decision on whatís best for you easier, we have compiled a list fully online speech pathology masterís programs as well as information on some of the factors you should take into consideration.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In their Own Words:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the 13 major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is the principal agency in the United States government for protecting the health and safety of all Americans and for providing essential human services, especially for those people who are least able to help themselves.
Since it was founded in 1946 to help control malaria, CDC has remained at the forefront of public health efforts to prevent and control infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, workplace hazards, disabilities, and environmental health threats. Today, CDC is globally recognized for conducting research and investigations and for its action oriented approach. CDC applies research and findings to improve people’s daily lives and responds to health emergencies—something that distinguishes CDC from its peer agencies.
Site Contents
Health information for specific destinations. What to know before you go
Reference Materials
2003-2004 "Yellow Book", Blue Sheet...
Specific diseases that can affect travelers
CDC’s vaccination recommendations for travelers of all ages; Yellow Fever Vaccine Requirements & Malaria Risk & Prophylaxis, by Country; authorized U.S. yellow fever vaccination clinics
Safe Food and Water
How to avoid illness from food or water
Traveling with Children
What to do before taking children to other countries
Special Needs Travelers
Information for travelers with special needs such as disabilities, pregnancy and breast-feeding, and HIV
Cruise Ships and Air Travel
Health information about specific cruise ships: list of recent inspection scores ("green sheets") and inspection database by CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP)

Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange


In Their Own Words:
CIRRIE's mission is to facilitate the sharing of information and expertise in rehabilitation research between the U.S. and other countries. They facilitate international exchanges in order to share research.  Users are able to locate research in their field by country. 




In Their Own Words:
The Web’s Leading Resource for International Business Etiquette and Manners: provides information on etiquette, behavior, appearance, communication, and religion.  Each country has introductory information and fun facts.  Information is available for the following countries:  Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab, Emirates, United States and Venezuela.


Foreign Embassies of Washington, D. C.

In Their Own words:
The Electronic Embassy provides information on each of the embassies in Washington D.C., with links to Web-based resources where available.


Hoslink—A Resource Portal for Medical and Biomedical Professionals

In Their Own Words:
A resource portal for medical and biomedical professionals with specific links for speech-language pathologists.  Links to educational, non-profit, commercial and other links about communicative disorders and speech-pathology.


International Medicine Center

In Their Own Words:
The International Medicine Center develops a specific set of recommendations for each traveler based on travel itinerary, health profile, and medical history.  Checklists are provided about safety tips while traveling and articles are available about certain diseases.


Lonely Planet

In Their Own Words:
We aim to inspire people to explore, have fun, and travel often. And we strive to provide travelers everywhere with reliable, comprehensive and independent travel information.  As part of a worldwide community of travelers, we want to enable everyone to travel with awareness, respect and care.  The site provides information on history, when to travel, getting around the country and much more.


National Public Radio

In Their Own Words:
NPR is an internationally acclaimed producer and distributor of noncommercial news, talk, and entertainment programming.  There is information locally and internationally on news, business, people and places, art and culture, etc.


Nations Online

In Their Own Words:
This site is a portal of gateways to the countries, cultures and nations in this world, a reference directory and a destination guide. 


Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

In Their Own Words:
The Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory is your guide to official tourist information sources: government tourism offices, convention and visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, and similar organizations that provide free, accurate, and unbiased travel information to the public. Businesses such as travel agents, tour operators, and hotels are not included.


U.S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs

In their Own Words:
The Office of American Services and Crisis Management (ACS) exists to serve Americans traveling or residing abroad. Our primary goal is to meet the needs of American citizens while providing them with premier customer service.

ACS administers the Consular Information Program, which informs the public of conditions abroad that may affect their safety and security. Consular Information Sheets, Public Announcements, and Travel Warnings are vital parts of this program.

ACS supports the work of our overseas embassies and consulates in providing emergency services to Americans in cases of arrest, death, crime victimization, repatriation, medical evacuation, temporary financial assistance and welfare-and-whereabouts cases.

We assist in non-emergency matters of birth, identity, passport, citizenship, registration, judicial assistance, and estates. ACS can facilitate the transfer of funds overseas to assist U.S. citizens in need, repatriate the remains of loved ones who have died overseas, assist with medical bills, assist victims of crime, and help U.S. citizens who are detained in foreign prisons. In other words, ACS is here to assist you and your family whenever and wherever we can.

ACS also administers a repatriation loan program to bring home destitute Americans. We operate a 24-hour Duty Officer Program and Crisis Response Teams who work on task forces convened to deal with natural or man-made disasters.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

In Their Own Words:
This site provides a snapshot of countries around the world based on information from January 1, 2004.  Information includes a brief introduction, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational sections.


Washington Post

In Their Own Words:
Search countries for news, classifieds and weather information.  The site has a complete country list available.


World Health Organization

In Their Own Words:
The World Health Organization is the United Nations specialized agency for health.  WHO’s objective is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.  Health is defined as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Provides information about specific countries.



Africa Guide

In Their Own Words:
Our Guide to the whole African continent.  Complete with guides, tours and safaris, shopping, people and culture and travel diaries.


Go Asia

In Their Own Words
Asia for Visitors: This site provides resources on several Asian countries as well as current events in Asia.


Department of African Studies, University of Pennsylvania

In Their Own Words:
Africa page maintained by the University of Pennsylvania African Studies Department.  Provides information on U.S. State Department travel advisories, Egypt Embassies in the U.S., Egyptian Universities Network, and many other links pertinent to Egypt. 


Middle East Information Network

In Their Own Words:
This link has information on human resources, government and politics, education in the Middle East.  “The Middle East Information Network is an American organization based in Boston, MA.  Our primary mission is education. It is our goal to provide you with the best the Internet has to offer in the way of web sites, accurate and clear information about the Middle East, and to provide an opportunity for you to express your ideas and thoughts.  We now offer information about education, business, religion, a library and a variety of others.” 


Countries and Territories


A very thorough guide to travel in Algeria.



In Their Own Words
Travelsur.net is the online branch of Erna Rosenfeld Viajes, an Argentine-based fully licensed Travel Agency that has developed a strong reputation for customer service…Thus, we offer potential visitors to Argentina and to other selected destinations in South America (Uruguay, Chile) the possibility of having someone willing to deal with the nuts and bolts of sometimes complicated travel arrangements.


Columbus Guides

In Their Own Words:
Argentina is a land of extremes, its hectic urban centres contrasting with a staggeringly remote hinterland, and can be simultaneously hot in one region and cold in another. The one common thread is that the people possess a curiosity, passion, and fervour for life, most visible when it comes to football, the national obsession. Evita, the Tango, gauchos and estancias are the country’s clichéd attractions, but what strikes visitors most is that life here is for living – the fast pace only letting up for the afternoon siesta.

Referred to as a grimy Paris, Buenos Aires is a sophisticated capital brimming with character and an excellent spot for shopping and watching the world go by – whether it’s pedestrians strolling or motorists driving at break-neck speed. Nightlife is second to none and the restaurants are a food-lover’s delight.

Argentina’s national parks teem with wildlife and incredible mountainous vistas, while the colossal Perito Moreno Glacier and Iguazú Falls are natural wonders. Endless hiking opportunities abound in the south, where Patagonia is stunningly barren and mystifying and the Tierra del Fuego feels like the end of the world. The Andes offer excellent skiing – the ski-resort of Bariloche being the country’s most established. Horse riding, adventure sports and birdwatching are just a few of the other activities on offer throughout the country.

Argentina, vastly unexplored and undiscovered by most tourists, is an adventure waiting to happen.


About Australia

In Their Own Words:
Welcome to the new look About Australia website. Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Australia and the Australian way of life. Explore thousands of pages of content covering Australia as a nation as well as by state and individual Australian regions. Amazing photography and hot travel deals are just the start. A library of insightful articles and informative facts is something we’re passionate about providing our readers. 


Austrian Embassy, Washington, D.C.

In Their Own Words:
Welcome to the official Austrian Website in the U.S. Here you will find useful and exciting information about our country and much more.”  This is the homepage for the Austrian Press and Information Service.  This website has information regarding the general country information, history, political system, education and science, sports, arts and culture, business and economy, travel and tourism, the Austrian Embassy, Austria and the USA, and links to other Austria websites.


Virtual Bangladesh

In Their Own Words:
Virtual Bangladesh is an award winning site about the beautiful nation of Bangladesh. Here, one will find almost everything there is to know about Bangladesh. From her history and geography, to her culture, language and literature. From images and sounds that describe the beauty of this nation to little known esoteric facts. Welcome and be charmed by the beauty that is Bangladesh. Born 1994, Virtual Bangladesh has the distinction of being the first comprehensive site on Bangladesh on the web.


Going to Belgium

In Their Own Words:
Information about traveling to Belgium.  Provides tourism links and links to Belgian cities on the web, visa information, traveling with pets, and information about customs and taxes. 


Brazil Ministry of Tourism

In Their Own Words
Why travel to Brazil? Because all those who come to Brazil become fans; because Brazil is exuberant by nature; because in Brazil you will find people from every corner of the world. 


Government of Canada

In Their Own Words:
Canadians and Residents: Connect quickly and easily to information on topics such as health, jobs and taxes, government benefits and services for you, and on-line tools that save you time.  Non-Canadians: The information source for Non- Canadians. Find out about immigration, tourism, doing business, studying, global affairs and more.  Canadian business: Your source for federal, provincial and territorial information and services such as business start-up, taxes, financing.


Embassy of Chile, Washington, D.C.

In Their Own Words:
This website gives information about the culture and history of Chile as well as information about the arts, music, and literature of Chile.  This website also connects to the embassy. 


Chilean Tourism Promotion Corporation

In Their Own Words:
This is the official site of the Chilean Tourism Promotion Corporation. It is a private non-profit entity, whose mission is to promote Chilean travel industry internationally. The institution combines the efforts of the public sector, SERNATUR, with a group of private sector partners, to finance promotion around the world. There is an up-to-date list of all of the companies involved in the organization in alphabetical order.


Travel China Guide

In Their Own Words
TravelChinaGuide.com is the largest source of travel-related, practical, reliable travel information for both sightseeing tourists and business travelers visiting China.



Bogota Tourism

In Their Own Words:
This site has used its best commercial efforts to obtain the most accurate information available about the tourism in Bogotá and Special District Surroundings.  Links include: history, practical travel information, customs, attractions, and much more.


Costa Rica
Costa Rica.com

In Their Own Words:
This website gives information about culture, community, retirement, real estate, weather, travel, business, and news in Costa Rica.  This website if also offered in Spanish.



Cuba Travel

In Their Own Words:
This site is the Cuban portal of tourism. Here you will find links to cultural information, travel destinations, accommodations, events, and much more.


Travel to Cyrpus

In Their Own words:
When you're planning a trip to a new place, there are a lot of facts you
should know in order to be prepared.
From the official papers to bring with you, to accessing and spending your
money, to advice on what to pack and when to go, this area will answer
all your basic questions about traveling to Cyprus.

The website includes information about climate/temperature, electric current, transportation, driving, what to pack, telecommunication, language and media, airports and ports, emergencies, embassies.


In Their Own words:
This is a Cyprus tourism page where you can find information about geography and culture, the traveler’s advisor and traveler’s handbook.


Czech Republic
Government of the Czech Republic

In Their Own Words:
The website provides information on traveling to or working in The Czech Republic, leisure activities, as well as links for students and business people.  There is also a link to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

In Their Own Words:
Denmark.dk is Denmark’s official internet representative. One of the ambitions of the portal is to facilitate the gathering of information on Denmark, Danes and Danish customs for foreigners.  Large parts of denmark.dk are comprised of information about important aspects of the Danish public sphere – art, politics, economy and history, for example.”


Embassy of Ecuador, Washington, D.C.

In Their Own Words:
This website gives information regarding economy, culture, social aspects, foreign policy, general country information, business and tourism.


Egypt State Information Service

In Their Own Words:
Egypt enjoys a distinguished geographical location at the juncture of the ancient world continents of Africa, Asia and Europe. It has always been a place of inter-civilization reactivation between the East and the West as well as the North and the South. Egypt was also the crossing road of the heavenly religions of the world.


Euro Sight

In Their Own Words:
Welcome to EuroSight.info. This site is dedicated to provide you with information on the 25 countries of the European Union.



In Their Own Words:
Welcome to the new Finland portal - a gateway to tourist services and facilities in Finland.”   This website also provides information on getting around, accommodations, sights, events, summer and winter activities and tours.

Embassy of France in the United States

In Their Own Words:
Whether you are going to France for business, on vacation or for a lifetime, these pages will provide you with practical information prior to your trip to France. Find out if you need a visa to enter France, the requirements in order to obtain a work permit or to get married in France, how to register your child in a public school and many practical information on subjects such as driving, tipping and more. Use the links to visit other official websites to find more information about your stay in France.


Germany National Tourist Information

In Their Own Words:
This is the site for the Germany national tourist information.  The following information is found at this website: traveling, places to stay, places to go, things to do, and other important information about Germany such as currency and national holidays. 


Get Greek

In Their Own Words:
This is the directory of many useful links for those who want to go to Greece.
The category “Travel” includes information on airports, attractions, destinations, hotels and lodging, maps, transport and transportation, travel agents and travel guide, travel services.

Greek World

In Their Own Words:
Your online resource for anything and everything Greek! GreekWorld.com is gearing up to become a complete online resource portal dedicated to all things Greek and/or of Greece, etc. Our database is filled with thousands of links to information sites, as well as our own internal information. Our slogan is that we offer "Everything Greek from Apollo to Zeus," at least that is our goal and our mission. Our objective is to offer information for everyone to enjoy and to gain value from. Currently, our database offers links on a wide variety of topics, including Greek art, history, education, literature, mythology, geography, travel, food, traditions, language, philosophy, Greek business directory, and much more.


Go to Hungary

In Their Own Words:

We are delighted to welcome you on the homepage of the Hungarian National Tourist Office, we hope that the website helps you to discover hidden regions and sights of Hungary you haven't known about yet.  Our mission is to inform the North American public about Hungary as a travel destination and to help improve the relationship between the people of the United States of America, Canada and Hungary.


Icelandic Tourist Board

In Their Own Words:
Iceland is not only closer than you think, but far different than you ever imagined. Where else can you witness such marvels of Mother Nature as a tremendous icecap and several glaciers, spouting geysers and steaming solfataras, volcanoes (hopefully dormant), raging rivers and magnificent waterfalls, a multitude of birds, cavorting whales just offshore and many other surprises. Summers are surprisingly warm and winters not as cold as you might expect. Regardless of when you visit, be assured that the warmth shown by Icelanders, their desire to share their culture and the efforts made to make your stay as pleasant as possible will, like the spectacular landscape, never be forgotten.


Tourism in India

In Their Own Words:
India’s most amazing diversity offers you everything you could ever want in a holiday.  From the moment you set foot in India to be greeted by a graceful namaste, a gesture that denotes both welcome and respect, you are on the way to one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  Bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by a spectacular coastline surrounded by three seas, India is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, magnificent historical sites and royal cities, golden beaches, misty mountain retreats, colorful people, rich cultures and festivities.

India Tourism

In Their Own Words:
Bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by an endless stretch of golden beaches, India is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, magnificent historical sites and royal cities, misty mountain retreats, colourful people, rich cultures and festivities.


Indonesia Tourism

In Their Own Words:
Variety is the spice life and nowhere is this more true than in Indonesia. No two places are alike in unspoiled beauty, art, culture and people. The towering mountains and primitive cultures of Irian Jaya contrast sharply with the terraced hills, and highly sophisticated societies of Bali and Java and the animistic beliefs which still have a major influence on the way of life in South Sulawesi. "Unity in Diversity", which is the country's motto, accurately describe these diverse cultures and extraordinary people brought together to create one nation with one national language, Bahasa Indonesia. For the traveler, Indonesia offers a fine blend of scenic beauty, fauna and flora, culture, marine parks and a wide collection of modern accommodation.


Iranian Cultural & Information Center

In Their Own Words:
The Iranian Cultural & Information Center was the first Iranian web site on the Internet. Started at Stanford University in California for the purpose of learning this new method of communication and to try to teach others about the rich culture of Iran, it now offers a wealth of information on Iranian culture for everyone on this virtual planet called the Internet.  We hope you enjoy your visit. We work hard to keep these pages as up-to-date as possible to provide you with the latest travel, cultural, and historical information about Iran.

Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran

In Their Own Words:
Information about trade, travel and Canadian-Iranian relations from the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa.


Embassy of Ireland, Washington, D.C.

In Their Own Words:
Ireland´s main tourist attractions are its scenery, people historical, musical and literary heritage, and way of life. The country offers excellent facilities for activity-based holidays such as walking, cycling, golfing, riding, water sports, fishing and cruising as well as a wide range of other leisure activities.


Embassy of Israel, Washington, D.C.

A very thorough guide to Israel and travel in Israel.


Italian Tourism

In Their Own Words:
Planning your trip, travel tips, other links to Italian websites
News in Italy, featured museums, undiscovered parts of Italy
Brochure requests
Maps of Italy
European websites and links
Itineraries and day planners




See Jordan

In Their Own Words:
Photo gallery, tourism board, links to other Jordan tourist sites
History of Jordan
Visitor’s Info.
Planning your trip
Travel tips
Natures’ wonders and healing powers
Calendar of Events
Culture and Arts


Kuwait Information Office

In Their own Words:
Welcome to the Kuwait Information Office Web site.  Here you will find extensive information about Kuwait, its rich culture and heritage, history, current events, and much more. We hope you enjoy your visit!


Welcome to Latvia

In Their Own Words:
Society, sports, maps, arts, culture, business, education, communication, museums, pictures
Fact sheets, travel links
News, weather, sports
Government and legal information


Luxembourg tourism Office

In Their Own Words:
General Information on the country


Visit Malaysia

In Their Own Words:
The Official Homepage of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board.  This website helps the traveler ease into the culture. It offers explanations for significant cultural traditions, events, and places.  This site offers pictures and videos of the important places to visit.  After visiting Malaysia via the web you will want to go and explore yourself. 


Malta Tourism Authority

In Their Own Words:
The mission of the Malta Tourism Authority is to advance the economic and social activity of tourism in the national interest, by working with all stakeholders to develop a sustainable industry for current and future generations.



Mexico Channel

In Their Own Words:
A rich source of information on Mexico's fascinating past, complex present and promising future.  Includes information about folklore, entertainment, history, education, sports, music, and travel.

Mexico Connect

In Their Own Words:
Mexico Connect magazine is a unique resource for those interested in Mexico.  Nowhere else - in print or on the Internet - will you find: A menu of services relevant to the Mexican experience: finding hotels, jobs, houses, trips, links to other Mexico sites, the latest news, weather, personals and classified ads, along with scheduled times to talk with experts and guides knowledgeable about Mexico.  A single source of comparable breadth, with in-depth and relevant information and insight. A complete and varied a collection of quality writers who know and love Mexico.


The Netherlands
Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions

In Their Own Words:
Welcome to the website about The Netherlands created by the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions. This leading marketing and promotion organization team wants you to know everything about The Netherlands.  Explore the numerous pages of special interests you can take part of. Check out the best bargains for hotel, travel, and package deals. Browse through the site by regions and try their recommended restaurants. WWW. Holland.com wants you to be prepared for fun when visiting their country.


New Zealand
New Zealand Immigration Service

In Their Own Words:
The New Zealand Immigration Service: includes information on living, working, investing, studying, or just visiting New Zealand.

New Zealand Ministry of Health

In Their Own Words:
Information regarding communicable diseases, drinking water, and public health advisories.

International Student Services

In Their Own Words:
International Student Services (NZ) Ltd is New Zealand’s independent international education service centre. ISSL provides a wide range of services with experienced multi-lingual staff to assist and advise international students, education institutions and other corporate and Government organisations on how best to succeed in realising their New Zealand education objectives.

International Student Services: provides information on every aspect of living in New Zealand, from cost of living, to healthcare, transportation, and banking.  Also includes information on different types of VISAs and education in New Zealand.

Kiwi Careers

In Their Own Words:
Kiwi Careers: provides information about tasks, requirements, working conditions, salary, and job market.


Virtual Tourist

In Their Own Words:
Whether you're looking for unbiased hotel reviews, the best hotel rates and airline fares, or whether you need solid insider advice on a place you want to visit, VirtualTourist is a powerful, state-of-the-art solution that delivers the valuable information you need. Get inside info from fellow travelers about places you want to visit; meet members from around the world and make friends; and build your own website to share pictures of your trip with friends and fellow travelers.


Online Services AS

In Their Own Words:
Online Services AS is an Internet and marketing company based in Oslo, Norway. We develop Internet solutions for the travel industry in Norway and Scandinavia and we cover most of the major destinations. We serve both business and leisure travelers. Our vision is to be the most important gateway to Norway and a "one-stop" site for business and leisure travel related information about Norway and Scandinavia on the Internet. Please feel free to visit any of our other websites and links.


Panama Tours

In Their Own Words:
Panama has a wide range of tropical landscapes including pristine beaches, rain forests, cloud forests, over 900 species of birds, 1500 species of trees and over 7000 vascular plants. Without a doubt, Panama is a real tropical paradise for nature´s lovers and outdoor´s adventurers.


Peru Gateway Travel

In Their Own Words:
The Peru Gateway Travel team welcomes you to our very comprehensive one-stop shop for Peru travel products. Visit our below Travel Shop for a comprehensive listing of itineraries, Tours, cultural and adventure programs, Walks , Hikes and Train trips, also look at our selection of comprehensive Peru Tours, Coach Tours and Specials, and check our wide selection of Peru Hotels, Lodges, Bed and breakfasts, Inn's and resorts


Republic of the Philippines

In Their Own Words

The Official Government Portal of the Republic of the Philippines website provides information on the country, government, current news, economy, health, transportation, travel, and many other links to different helpful sites.




In Their Own Words:
Polska.pl website is to help everybody – Poles, members of Polish communities abroad, and foreigners – get access to valid, legal, and reliable sources of the information about Poland. The website offers a different way of looking at the Polish state and society, from the perspective of contemporary information society. Continuous development, interactive exchange of information, and constant cooperation with our users is inscribed in the idea of the website.



In Their Own Words:
Welcome to Portugal.org. Here you will find information about Portugal tourism, trade, investment, as well as general information about the country.
Planning a visit? Whether it is sunny beaches or bustling cities, here is what you need to know from currency and climate to history, lodging, tours and more.


Puerto Rico
Welcome to Puerto Rico

In Their Own Words:
I invite you take some time to explore the tropical island of Puerto Rico, where you can find local exotic hideaways, miles of white sandy beaches, mountains and valleys, and many other natural wonders. In addition to the natural splendors you will find yourself surrounded by warm and friendly people.



In Their Own Words:
Few places can conjure up vivid images such as Russia with its rich history and unsurpassed beauty. Russia.com is pleased to have created the best online resource for information about Russia.  Here we provide community features, Russian city guides and interactive marketplaces where Russians and those interested in Russia can exchange information, obtain news, and have access to virtually every topic or subject having to do with Russia. Visit our history section for background on this extremely diverse and often misunderstood country. Our tours of Russia are conducted by travel professionals, possessing years of valuable experience in Russian travel and tourism.


In Their Own Words:
Traveling to Russia or within Russia? From this guide to Russian cities on the Web you can get information on your destination. To see Russian exotic? Here you will find a growing list of links to Web sites dedicated to cities throughout Russia.

Way to Russia

In Their Own words:
WayToRussia.Net is an information resource about Russia and services directory. We are not a travel agency and do not provide any services by ourselves, we provide information about Russia for travelers, businessmen, English-speaking people who live in Russia. Our mission is to communicate the unique character of Russia and to enable individuals, companies, and organizations make the most of their experience of Russia.


Expat Singapore

In Their Own Words:
ExpatSingapore.com is a must-stop website for all resident or newly-arrived expatriates! We offer hundreds of pages of useful and relevant information on every aspect of life in the Lion City, conveniently sorted into several main sections. We also have a popular message board, where just about any question under the sun can be answered in several categorized forums and a general FAQ archive section. Feel free to make your contribution, ask a question or join one of our many social events organized to help you meet new expats and local friends. This website is available in other languages, such as, French and German.


Slovak Republic
Guide to the Slovak Republic

In Their Own Words:
Slovakia’s tourism industry has grown remarkably since independence. By the late 1990s the country was receiving more than 500,000 visitors each year. Slovakia’s historic towns and numerous mountain ski resorts are the more popular tourist destinations. There's a refreshing absence of McDonald's-style commercialism that is rampant across Western Europe.  Quaint and jovial with a surprisingly rich cultural life, Bratislava is a capital city without the usual congestion. The High Tatras are a magnificent range of mountains dotted with villages with deep peasant traditions. You'll find Slovaks to be an extremely helpful, pleasant people prepared to go out of their way to welcome you. From folk festivals, to castle tours to snow boarding and hiking you'll find Slovakia a spectacular country to visit. If your knowledge of Slovakia is limited and want to learn more, then please proceed to this helpful guide to the Slovak Republic. It will provide answers to FAQs, important information, useful maps of Slovakia, interesting insights about the culture in Slovakia and the Slovak society. 


All about Spain

In Their Own Words:
"Spain is different!", Spaniards use to say. They don't specify compared to what: to the rest of Europe, to the rest of the world, or even to itself? We don't know it either, but we do our best to supply you with loads of information so you can find the answer to this question and too many more by yourself.
Widely known for Flamenco music and dance, bull-fights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, Spain has to offer much more than that. It is - and has been for thousands of years - one of the cultural centers of Europe. It has beautiful cities and towns, offering really old monuments as well as futuristic architecture. Its various regions are all different one to each other, geographically, climatically and even in personality. It is a fascinating country to know.  This site will help you get to know more about it, also available in Espanol, Werbung, Suchen.


Saudi Arabia
Saudi Ministry of Culture & Information

In Their Own Words:
The Saudi Arabia Information Resource, a Saudi Ministry of Culture & Information website, contains more than 2,000 pages of information on every aspect of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Sri Lanka
The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

In Their Own Words:
This website will provide you with an overview of the Government's structure, its history and evolution, and its current programs and activities. You will also find online documentation of many of the Government's policy initiatives, links to all other Governmental and related Non-Governmental organisations, as well as access to an archive of News which you may search.


Swedish government and the government Offices

In Their Own Words:
This website is the English-language website of the Swedish Government and the Government Offices. The site was launched in April 2004. The Governments main site (in Swedish) is www.regeringen.se which originally appeared in the spring of 1994. The website is designed to provide what most visitors seek: documents and records, information about current government bills, initiatives and ministerial activities, and accounts of how the decision-making process works in Sweden.
The Sweden Gateway

In Their Own Words:
This resource is the official gateway to Sweden. Here you will find information about Sweden – from basic facts about the country to business issues, politics, news, culture and entertainment. Here you will find the full range of information on a particular subject category, compiled by the organizations behind Sweden.se. Also, we are available in many other languages. 


The Swiss National Tourist Office

In Their Own Words:
The Swiss National Tourist Office's website. Offers general information about Switzerland, Travel information and tips, links to the Swiss resorts as well as packages and reservation services. It includes many travel options that are available in Switzerland. It includes a list of restaurants and local areas with pictures.  A helpful feature for international readers is that you are able to select which language you would like to read the website.  This feature helps the reader navigate through the website.  After viewing this website you will want to come explore the great things Switzerland has to offer.



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Café-Syria is a NGO - Non-Goverment Organization and is a private organization. Our objective and mission is to promote Syria, both technically and culturally. Café-Syria has been in existence since October 06, 1998 and is the creation of George M. Issa. Our next objective is to translate this site into Arabic and French. If you have experience or are fluent in these languages, please contact Café-Syria.

Syria - Modern Syria is situated in Asia along the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Syria gained full independence on April 17, 1946 ceding from French Colonialism Rule. Syria is a member of the United Nations, the Arab League, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and many other International Organizations. Syria has a number of Excellent Universities and Educational facilities. There are four universities in Syria. The largest is Damascus University, then followed by Aleppo University. These universities offer degrees in Medicine, Law, Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Business, Education, Computer Science, etc...


Go 2 Taiwan

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This website offers a variety of resources to help any traveler explore Taiwan. Linking you to local travel agencies and listing helpful travel tips. This page also lists frequently asked questions from past tourists helps travelers to know what to expect while in Taiwan.  With the help of this website you will be able to travel beyond just the experience of Taiwan.



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Thailand.com is an Internet gateway offering users a one-stop source for information and services on Thailand and Southeast Asia. We present a broad spectrum of products and services to the global Internet community focusing on leisure and business activities in Thailand and the region.

Thailand Guru

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A practical, English language guide for working and living well in Thailand. The Guru Guide is a completely practical guide designed for expats (and some tourists). It is never outdated like books. It's continually updated by user feedback and inputs. If you're tired of Thai language websites and info sources in Thailand, this one's for you! If you have a question, just type www.ThailandGuru.com for an answer!


Discover Turkey

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This is your resource to discover Turkey. All the travel information regarding discounts, deals, prices, hotels, flights, cruises, and the many tours available for you!

The Embassy of Turkey Republic

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The Embassy of Turkey Republic is the crossroads of civilizations. The lands of Turkey are located at a point where the three continents making up the old world. Asia, Africa and Europe are closest to each other, and straddle the point where Europe and Asia meet. This sight is an informative resource providing facts on Turkey, their art and culture, education and students, and even press releases in turkey. We are also available in the Turkish Language.


United Kingdom
Visit Britian

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VisitBritain markets Britain to the rest of the world and England to the British, building the value of tourism throughout Britain and throughout the year by creating world-class destination brands and marketing campaigns. It also builds partnerships with - and provides insights to - other organisations that have a stake in British and English tourism.
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United States of America

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This WorldWeb.com travel and tourism guide will help you plan a successful visit to the United States of America (USA). From ‘sea to shining sea’ the United State is the ultimate travel destination. Almost certainly the most dynamic country on earth, its wide range of terrain, diverse cultures, vast cities and small friendly towns offer something for everyone.


Nations Online

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Destination Uruguay. This page aims to give you a broad overview of Uruguay's art, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and government.
Beside a country profile with facts and figures, the page contains links to sources which provide you with all the information you need to know about this South American nation, e.g.: official web sites of Uruguay, addresses of Uruguayan and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, city- and country guides with extensive travel and tourism information on accomodation, tourist attractions, events and more like weather information, maps, statistics and local newspapers from Uruguay.


Lonely Planet

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Venezuela has epic proportions: it has South America's largest lake and third-longest river, the highest waterfall in the world, and the longest of all snakes. It also has jaguars, armadillos and some of the most spectacular landscapes you'll ever see.  If you could channel- surf for landscape, Venezuela would tire out any remote.


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