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About Us

This is the website of the International Directory of Communication Disorders (IDCD).  The international directory is the brainchild of Ken Bleile.  The site is housed and maintained by Plural Publishing as a service to the professional community. 

Information for the website required over two years to complete.  Tracking down information felt like detective work-- following leads, interviewing in person and via email, contacting colleagues of colleagues, visiting programs, collecting stories.  Many more leads ended in dead ends than led somewhere fruitful.  Some times, though, patient labor was rewarded with a huge cache of information, or a single hard-to-find address, or a great, fascinating story from a colleague in a distant country. 

The labor required many hands, including an advisory board that grew from 8 colleagues who met in the author’s hotel room at the 2003 ASHA conference to a diverse group of 27 clinicians, academics, and students for many places around the world.  The project also benefited from many University of Northern Iowa students, and several from the University of Iowa.  Others who contributed to this project include Caroline Bowen, the ASHA Leader, and the New Zealand Speech-Language-Hearing Association, all of who posted requests for information to their readers.  

The author also thankfully acknowledges the labors of the usually anonymous persons and committees who have developed our professions’ national association and international association websites.  Those are the shoulders on which this directory stands; this work could not have been completed if those anonymous professionals had not done their work first.  


The Author wishes to thank: